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2024 Exciting Updates Coming to E/M Codes and Telemedicine in the CPT Medical Coding Manuals!

CPT manuals are set to undergo significant changes to streamline and enhance the coding process for medical practitioners. Co-chairs of the AMA's CPT/RUC Workgroup on E/M, Dr. Barbara Levy and Dr. Peter Hollmann, provided insightful details during a recent AMA webinar regarding the evolving E/M code set.

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Here are the key highlights of the anticipated changes set to take effect in the near future: (I hope the guidelines updates improve our understanding.)

  1. Simplified Office Visit Codes: In the 2024 CPT manual, office visit codes (99202-99205 and 99212-99215) will have revised descriptors. The previous time ranges will be replaced with threshold times, aligning them with the rest of the level-based code set. This adjustment aims to reduce administrative burdens and bring greater clarity to code selection.

  2. Enhanced Guidelines for Split/Shared Visits: Facility-based visits will see revised guidelines for split/shared visits. These changes will align with Medicare's definition of a substantive portion, focusing on time and medical decision-making. By providing clearer guidelines, the new approach aims to facilitate accurate reporting and align with CMS guidelines.

  3. Improved Reporting for Same-Day and Inpatient/Observation Services: The forthcoming update will offer additional guidance on reporting same-day services and inpatient/observation stays. A chart will be included to clarify reporting based on the length of the stay. This enhancement aims to streamline reporting processes and provide more accurate documentation.

Dr. Levy emphasized that these changes will not take effect until 2024. The AMA anticipates that CMS will address these alterations in the proposed 2024 Medicare physician fee schedule, expected in July.

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I did some even further research and found the new codes. REMEMBER these do not go into effect until Jan. 1, 2024!!! Do not put them in your books yet!

This will be a new vaccine that will have one component.

(If you know, you know) :)

Here are the telemedicine codes. They may or may not be effective 2024 but might happen 2025. Final decisions are being made now.

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