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AAPC ELECTRONIC EXAM SCREENSHOTS! How many attempts? Can I take a break? What can be written?

What are the exam registration requirements for all exams?

There is no requirement for the amount of experience in the specialty!

How many attempts will I get for an electronic exam purchase?

You may purchase 1 exam voucher or 2 exam vouchers

How many attempts will I get for an in-person exam voucher transfer to electronic?

You will receive the same number of vouchers you currently have available for in-person.

I already scheduled my online CPC exam through Examity. Will my voucher be transferred?

If you are scheduled to take your exam in September, you will use the current platform. If your scheduled date is after September 30, we will transfer your voucher to the new electronic system (still a 4 hour test, in one sitting) and you’ll be able to reschedule for the date/time of your choice.

Will ADA accommodations be made for electronic exams?

Yes. ADA accommodations are available for electronic examinations. To apply for accommodations please have the member complete the form here. Please allow up to 3 weeks for processing. ADA approval is good for one year from the date of approval.

What is allowed in our books?

Handwritten notes are acceptable in the coding books only if they pertain to daily coding activities. Questions from the Study Guides, Practice Exams or the Exam itself are prohibited. Tabs may be inserted, taped, pasted, glued, or stapled in the manuals so long as the obvious intent of the tab is to earmark a page with words or numbers, not supplement information in the book. Altering, whiting out, painting, or printing over any pages within the code books (e.g., marketing pages, table of contents, reference pages, etc.) to supplement information is prohibited. No materials (other than tab dividers) may be inserted, taped, pasted, glued, or stapled in the manuals.

How many times can I take the exam with each payment?

Student Exam Pricing:

  • 1 attempt - $325.00

  • 2 attempts - $425.00


  • 1 attempt - $349

  • 2 attempts - $449

Specialty Exam Pricing :

  • 1 attempt - $299

  • 2 attempts - $399

CIRCC Exam Pricing:

  • 1 attempt - $400

  • 2 attempts - $450

Can I connect an external monitor to my laptop for a bigger screen while taking the exam?

No, an external monitor is NOT permitted for use during the examination. A laptop only or desktop computer connected directly to the monitor are allowed.

What kind of external Webcam should I use?

Many low-cost options are available for Webcams with a 1080p resolution and either a tripod or clip so the camera can be placed roughly 6 ft away to show your face, hands and keyboard.

Will the exam still be 4 hours?

Yes, the vast majority of our exams are 4 hours, taken in one sitting.

Can I skip questions and come back to them?

You can flag questions, skip questions or move back and forth between questions and sections. However, once you submit the exam, you will not be allowed to go back into it.

Can I take a break during the exam?

Yes, you can take a short break if needed. Please note that the exam timer will not pause, and you will need to go through a security check and full room scan again after returning from any breaks.

What can I have in the room with me during the exam?

Along with the allowed materials, you may also have a drink on your desk. Please note that the room needs to be clear of whiteboard, calendars, and sticky notes with writing. Also, all landline phones, books and miscellaneous items should be placed out of reach.

When will I receive my exam results?

We want to ensure the accuracy and quality of the exam. Exam results will be available within 7-10 business days of completing the exam. Results will show in the member area under MyAAPC>Exams in the exam details.

If you do not pass the 1st attempt these questions are very helpful. Will Areas of Study be available when I get my electronic exam results?

Yes, areas of study will show in the member area under MyAAPC>Exams in the exam details.

What does the exam look like online?

You can FLAG a question to the RIGHT if it is one you want to go back to, you can you the NOTEPAD to write items like H.E.M. (from my teaching) or A B C D and use the cross out method.

For more info and more screenshots of the exam go to

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