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Join our FREE 30-day ICD-10 CM learning plan for beginners and become a pro at medical coding here!

Updated: May 10, 2023

Learning medical coding can be challenging, but with dedication and a solid plan, you can quickly improve your skills. Here is a 30-day learning plan to help you learn and improve your ICD-10-CM coding skills as a beginner: Day 1-3: Basic Concepts and Guidelines

  1. Familiarize yourself with the ICD-10-CM manual, including the format, organization, and conventions.

  2. Learn the basic concepts and guidelines of coding, including code structure, sequencing, and specificity.

  3. Understand the importance of accurate and detailed documentation for coding purposes.

For help with this check out my free print of the ICD 10 guidelines CLICK HERE on my previous blog and watch my Youtube Videos on Guideline prep at

Day 4-6: Anatomy and Medical Terminology

  1. Review basic anatomy and medical terminology to improve your understanding of medical concepts and terminology.

  2. Use online resources and textbooks to learn about common medical terms, diagnoses, and procedures.

For free help & examples of how to prep for anatomy, check out my free resources. Just click on the photos to see the instructions here

Day 7-10: Chapter-Specific Guidelines

  1. Focus on one chapter at a time to learn the chapter-specific guidelines and coding concepts.

  2. Use the ICD-10-CM manual to practice coding examples from each chapter.

  3. Familiarize yourself with the codes that are frequently used in each chapter.

Day 11-14: Coding Exercises and Case Studies

  1. Practice coding exercises and case studies to improve your coding accuracy and speed.

  2. Use online resources and textbooks to find coding exercises and case studies for each chapter.

  3. Check your answers against the provided answer keys to assess your understanding of the coding concepts.

Watch me free on Youtube work practice exercises with your books to gain experience finding codes and learning best practices for medical coding exam techniques.

Day 15-18: Coding Software

  1. Learn to use coding software such as encoder and grouper software.

  2. Familiarize yourself with the software's functions, features, and shortcuts.

  3. Practice using the software to code cases and check your accuracy.

Day 19-22: Reimbursement and Compliance

  1. Learn about reimbursement and compliance regulations that affect medical coding.

  2. Understand the role of coding in healthcare billing and reimbursement.

  3. Review the compliance guidelines and regulations that govern medical coding.

Day 23-26: Certification Exam Prep

  1. Review the certification exam content outline to identify areas that need improvement.

  2. Use online resources, textbooks, and study guides to prepare for the certification exam.

  3. Take practice exams to assess your readiness for the exam.

Day 27-30: Continuing Education

  1. Stay up-to-date with changes in coding guidelines and regulations by reading industry publications and attending webinars or conferences.

  2. Continue practicing coding exercises and case studies to maintain and improve your skills.

  3. Seek out opportunities to network with other medical coders and healthcare professionals.

Free Discord Study Group with Practice Rooms from Medical Coding by Jen 

By following this 30-day learning plan, you can gain a solid understanding of ICD-10-CM coding and improve your coding skills. Remember to stay motivated, practice regularly, and seek out resources and support when needed.

LASTLY! Join MedicalCodingbyJen on May 14th for a 3-hour 75-practice question workshop going over Guidelines, Compliance, & E/M! A pre-Purchase of $12 gets you the replay for 90 days! Click HERE! Join today before all the virtual seats are taken!
  1. MedicalCodingByJen YouTube channel - This channel provides a wealth of information for beginner coders, including tutorials on ICD-10-CM coding basics, coding exercises, and tips for passing the CPC exam.

  2. MedicalCodingByJen website - The website offers courses, webinars, and study materials for coding beginners.

  3. ICD-10-CM official guidelines - The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) provides official guidelines for ICD-10-CM coding. These guidelines can be found on the CMS website.

  4. ICD-10-CM coding manuals - There are several different coding manuals available, including the AMA's ICD-10-CM codebook, the Optum360 ICD-10-CM Expert for Providers, and the ICD-10-CM Expert.

  5. AHIMA's online learning center - The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) provides a range of online courses and webinars for coding beginners, including courses specifically focused on ICD-10-CM coding.

  6. Coding practice websites - There are several websites that offer coding practice exercises and quizzes.

  7. Medical coding social media accounts - You can also follow medical coding accounts on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, where you can find helpful tips and tricks for mastering ICD-10-CM coding.


Thank you so much for all the time and effort put into this 30 day guide for beginners. It helped me so much, its exactly what I needed to help me self study. Thank you!


Mara Brown
Mara Brown
May 26, 2023

First I would like to say Thank you so much for all that you do .

I'm not able to view the YouTube videos, for days 1-3, It states the videos are private. Please help :)


Hello, how do I join this learning plan?

May 14, 2023
Replying to

This is the learning plan. Read the blog written here for your 30 day plan. I have every three days planned out for you here. I hope this helps, Jen

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