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Paper and Pencil Exams are Done! Changes Coming to AAPC Medical Coding Credentialing Exams in 2024

What's Changing in AAPC Exams?

Starting in 2024, AAPC members preparing for exams will have two options for taking their tests: they can either opt for an at-home exam with a live remote proctor or take the exam in person at a Measure Learning testing center. Measure Learning is a global organization with testing centers located worldwide, ensuring accessibility for members across the globe. Changes Coming to AAPC Medical Coding Credentialing Exams in 2024.

Why is AAPC Making this Change?

The decision to introduce these changes stems from a desire to provide flexibility to AAPC members. While electronic exams at home have been available, AAPC understands that not everyone prefers this option. Therefore, AAPC aims to offer an in-person option via testing centers in addition to the existing remote proctoring.

Electronic exams also enable a broader range of question formats, allowing for a more comprehensive assessment. This change will help ensure fairness and consistency in exam scoring. As AAPC states, "keeping the integrity of the exam" is of utmost importance. Changes Coming to AAPC Medical Coding Credentialing Exams in 2024.

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Key FAQs About the Changes

Here are some frequently asked questions that were addressed during the live event:

  • How to Schedule an Exam?

    • When an AAPC member purchases an exam, they will gain access to the Measure website. Here, they can view available testing center locations in their area and schedule their exam. Alternatively, they can choose live remote proctoring and schedule their exam accordingly.

  • Do I Need to Bring My Own Equipment to the Testing Center?

    • No, you do not need to bring your own camera or laptop. You will receive a list of items to bring with you, but the testing center will provide the necessary equipment for the exam.

  • What About ADA Accommodations?

    • ADA accommodations will remain the same, ensuring that members with special needs are adequately supported.

  • Will the Exam Format Change to Fill-in-the-Blank Only?

    • In 2024, there will be an inclusion of fill-in-the-blank questions, but the exam will remain a hybrid with multiple-choice questions. Practice exams and study guides will reflect this format. Changes Coming to AAPC Medical Coding Credentialing Exams in 2024.

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  • What About Scratch Paper and Physical Books?

    • The use of scratch paper during the live remote proctored exam is not allowed for security reasons. AAPC is working to make coding materials available within the electronic format to minimize the need for physical resources. Beta testing of electronic code books (eBooks) is ongoing, offering examinees a choice between eBooks and printed books. Marking of physical books is allowed. Currently, Beta testing of eBooks (electronic code books) inside of the exam is underway. Eventually, examinees will have the choice of using an eBook or a printed book. Just like with a printed book, you can add notes to eBooks, tab pages, and highlight text.

  • How Does the Electronic Exam Prevent Internet Searches?

    • The electronic exam is designed to prevent internet searches. Proctors can monitor what's on the screen, and the entire exam is recorded via video. Any suspicious actions by examinees, such as attempting to access prohibited content, will trigger warnings.

  • Will Test Site Locations be Listed on the AAPC Website?

    • No, testing center locations will not be listed on the AAPC website. Instead, members will receive a link to the Measure website via email after purchasing an exam voucher. Changes Coming to AAPC Medical Coding Credentialing Exams in 2024.

  • What if the Testing Center is Far Away?

    • If distance is a concern, members can choose to take their exam through live remote proctoring. If neither option is feasible, they can contact AAPC customer service for assistance.

  • How to Become a Testing Center?

    • To become a testing center, there are specific requirements, including logistical and technological criteria, set by Measure Learning. Interested parties can connect with Measure to discuss the possibility of opening a test center.

  • Can Local Chapters Use Chapter Funds for Testing Centers?

    • Local chapters may find it challenging to meet the requirements and costs associated with becoming a testing center. AAPC is exploring alternative ways to support local chapters, such as revising reimbursement models and offering one-day review classes for a fee.

Stay Informed and Updated

Changes Coming to AAPC Medical Coding Credentialing Exams in 2024.

To ensure you stay informed about these changes and receive important information from AAPC, make sure your member profile is up to date. Additionally, carefully review exam requirements to avoid any issues during the exam.


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